Carvon Media

When everybody is shining –
how do you stick out?

Get support by Carvon Media – Digital Content Production.

Extraordinary Content

You know it as well as we do:
To draw attention now and in the future, good content is not enough any more.
You need extraordinary content. But how do you get there?
With a passionate and honest partner who listens, ponders and performs.

Infinite Creativity

With modern digital media and digital tools like CGI ¹, VFX ² and Animation, there are no more creative limits.
Really, there are none.
Let's use this freedom!

Perfect Production

Without professional production, even the best idea is worth: nothing.
Carvon Media is your partner to realize your ideas, your visions and your goals.

(1) CGI
Computer Generated Images
(2) VFX
Visual Effects

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do."

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Mr. Meister "Wild wie der Wald" P.O.S. Spot

Marketing and Advertising

So many channels, so many formats, so little user attention. How do you get noticed and remembered in this huge ocean of information, fun and craziness? We are at your side to fight for the consumer's attention!

Platy & Puss © Eyecandy Film Kopenhagen


Traditional television is slowly dying, and free content is everywhere. How can your content be that great that people are willing to pay for it? We are at your side to fight for the love and fidelity of your audience!

Digital Content

Animated films
motion pictures
corporate films
product visualisations
prototype visualisiation
visual effects
Video Games
interactive entertainment
advertising games
serious games
Social Media Postings
entertaining information
animated GIFs / cinemagraphs
Social media advertising
images to emphasize your words
explanatory graphics
funny pictures to entertain

Getting Ideas Done.

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